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Firefighters conducting training

A professional volunteer fire department takes the time to drill on a regular basis. We simply cannot walk into the firehouse and pretend we are ready - we need to actually be ready. One of the keys to being ready is regular and pertinent training. Even though we are volunteers, the citizens in our hometown expect us to be skilled and proficient and prepared to handle their emergency. Remember, the fire doesn't treat volunteer firefighters any differently than paid firefighters.


Each one of our four shifts conducts daily trainings during their shift.  Department wide training is held every Wednesday evening.

Occasionally you will notice we have the end of Maud Rd closed while we are training. Please remember to drive safely.


When you see us out driving through your neighborhood, please wave! We are happy to wave back! We may be out training or returning from a call. Twice a year we perform fire hydrant inspections. This usually involves opening the hydrant, and ensuring that the hydrant has adequate water.